The bewitching charm of Chandratal Lake

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A veritable treat for the eyes, the 2.5 km wide Chandratal Lake is a picturesque moon shaped lake located in Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated on the Samudra Tapu pleateu, which overlooks the Chandra river. Sitting pretty at an altitude of 4250m, this gift of nature is a big attraction for trekkers and campers. It can be visited either through Kunzum Pass or Batal Here are a few interesting facts about this fresh water lake:

Mythological significance: One of the most popular mythological legends associated with Chandratal lake is that Lord Indra had come down in his chariot to the very same place to take along Yudhishthir, the eldest Pandav, in his mortal form with him to Swarg (Heaven). That is why this place is revered by the Hindus.

Stories and folklore: Apparently, the lake was discovered by traders who came to the region from Tibet or Ladakh. After the tiring journey, the traders used to rest near the lake before heading towards Kullu and Spiti valleys. Also, the local populace believe this lake is blessed and hence, it is visited by fairies at night.

It changes colour: The glistening crystal clear waters of Chandratal lake changes colour throughout the day from muddy green to aquamarine blue to sea green depending on the sun’s position. Apparently, the best time to visit the lake is from noon till 4 PM when the reflections on the lake are at its best. The beautiful sight is accentuated by the lush green rolling hills and Chandra Bhaga mountain in the background.

Best time to visit: Chandratal Lake can be visited only during summer from May to September, as the rest of the time it remains frozen and difficult to access. It is said that visiting the lake during a full moon night can be a once in a lifetime experience as the moon’s reflection on the waters create a stunning imagery. One can also get a clear view of the stars of the Milky Way galaxy from the lake.

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