What is it all About?

Cocooned high within the vicinity of the Kumaon region of the Himalayas, and far enough from the noise to be your ideal escape into nature, the Sitla Estate epitomes Himalayan beauty like nothing else. The 150-year-old house has rooms made up in colonial style giving a guest the feeling of spending time within the walls of a rugged mountain cottage. For those with different tastes, the contemporary rooms have been built beautifully. Each of these rooms has glass windows that overlook 39 acres of the verdant terraced estate.

Things to Keep you Busy

The Sitla Estate is located at 7000ft above sea level, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the greater Himalayan snow peaks like Nandadevi, Panchuchuli and Trishul. There is an ample scope for trekking, rock climbing, while the irresistible gentle slopes will tempt you to go on a nature quest. The region has its own distinct culture, a lot of which is reflected in its beautiful and distinctive handicrafts. Those looking for authentic Kumaoni artefacts can head to the local handicraft store, located on the estate. For the inclement weather conditions, there's a quaint library to read books in leisure, the board games and the uninterrupted WIFI offer a fine range of comfort to the sophisticated palates. For the camera lovers, this place offers an unending adventure. Strolls off on tracks of different pitches, hold onto a pair of binoculars and revel in the rich birding opportunities, exploration through the lenses could fetch you a photography award.

Nature Walks / Trekking

Bird Photography

Day Excursions

Board Games

Nature Quest

Local Handicrafts store


Music Cd’s and Dvd’s

It’s all about the People

For Vikram Maira and his team of lively souls, embracing the adventurers at Sitla Estate is something that comes “straight from the heart”. All the efforts are focused around creating a relaxed, home-like ambience. And the biggest surprise at Sitla Estate is arguably the food. Whether it’s the manner and enthusiasm with which the food is cooked and served, or the sort of fun, deliciously mixed up-ness recipes which leaves the people licking their fingers, you will end up wanting more and more. No wonder, most of the guests are from the back pages of the

The complete picture

Sprawled in over 39 acres on a remote hilltop, this over century-old colonial-looking structure embraces the rustiness of Himalayan region at its authentic best. Rooms are fashioned in the Colonial style, and are best suited for the people of different tastes. Attractive colurs on the walls, tiled-roofs and high-windows where the morning filtering rays feel like the light of the heaven, the place may leave you enchanted. This is an exemplary modern comfort where you can find your own equilibrium.

Guest Accommodation

Two styles of accommodation at the estate. The rooms have been placed into four different categories: Deluxe Orchard Suite Orchard Suite Standard Suite Standard Double

Pet Friendly

Not Allowed

Driver / Maid Accommodation


Cell phone Connectivity


Power Backup



2171 M (Around 7,000 ft)

Central Dining


Credit Card Payment







Common TV Lounge

Where on Earth?

The Sitla Estate is situated at a hilltop in a remote area. But the site is inter-linked with motorable roads.

Distance from Delhi

Around 350 KM

Nearest Town


Nearest Railway Station

Kathgodam Railway Station. There are two trains that function between Delhi and Kathgodam.

Nearest Bus Station

An efficient Bus service is available at Kathgodam which will take you to your destination - Sitla Estate.

Nearest Airport

Since the place is surrounded by steep valleys, the place doesn’t have an airport of its own.


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