Dehnasar Lake (High Altitude - Snow Trek)

Tribe of Trekkers- 1 (Shepherd’s Trail)

Dehnasar Lake (High Altitude - Snow Trek) with Waterfall Rappelling at The Blues @ Barot

What is it all about

  • At 4280 m, Dehnasar Lake is a huge freshwater lake in Barot Valley, Himachal Pradesh. It has a circumference of 800 m and is considered immensely sacred by the devotees of Lord Shiva. You can get  magnificent views of Dhauladhar range from this lake.
  • One has to cross the beautiful Sari Pass, which connects Kullu and Kangra valleys, to reach Dehnasar lake. You come across lush green landscapes, thick jungles, gushing streams, meandering meadows and glaciers while traversing the Sari Pass.
  • You will camp at a place called Marad, which is considered Himachal’s own valley of flowers and witness some breathtaking  views. Marad is a few hours trek from Lohardi (Barot). The trek can be done in 3 n/4 days if returning to Barot Valley after reaching Dehnasar Lake or 4n/5 days if you want to cross over to Kullu and in the process slide through thick glaciers.

Trekking Trail Barot-Lohardi-Lahesh Caves-Dehnasar Lake-Sari Pass – Lohardi/Barot
Duration 4 Nights / 5 Days
Region Kangra, Himachal Pradesh
Total kms 45-50 km
Trekking Hrs 8/9 Hours per day walk
Difficulty Easy to Moderate
Minimum Age 12 Years
Average Temperature In the day time13-18 degrees & Night Temperature is -5 to 7 degrees

Tour Highlights:

Accomodation in Swiss Cottages on Day 1, followed by Waterfall rappelling.

Tour Details:

Day 1: Arrival at "The Blue's @ Barot"
Day 2: Lohardi – Lahesh Cave
Day 3: Lahesh Cave - Dahensar Lake (Via Sari Pass)
Day 4: Dahenasar Lake – Marad– Lohardi/Barot
Day 5: Marad– Lohardi/Barot

Day By Day Tour Details:

Your first destination- ‘The Blue’s at Barot’- is located just 3 km from Barot Market. It will provide you a one of its kind Luxury Swiss cottage glamping experience along the beautiful terraced fields of Lohardi in the stunningly beautiful Barot valley. The landscape is surrounded by mountains and made mesmerising due to presence of river Uhl. Barot usually has an awesome weather throughout the year and is known for angling and trout fishing farms. Enjoy a spacious and comfortable stay amidst nature, do rock climbing, rappelling over the BAROT waterfall or cross the river while enjoying good music, food and conversations.

The trek will begin from The Blue's @ Barot at Lohardi. We will cross Potang to reach Marad- known for its timber work. Marad valley is similar to the valley of flowers in Garhwal with plenty of wild flowers. This trek is fairly simple and you will enjoy lots of scenic natural beauty all around. We will arrive at Lahesh Caves in Jwara by the evening. The hike will provide you ample opportunities to click photos.

We will start from Lahesh cave towards Sari Pass (3760 m) in a moderately difficult trek. The pass is not very high and usually during summer months, shepherds can be seen grazing their sheep and goats at the lush green meadows. Soak in the surroundings as you take a few hours to cross Sari Pass and reach Dehnasar lake (4280 m). We will be camping near the beautiful lake.

Wake up near the pristine Dehnasar lake and absorb the views around you. Take a dip in the holy water and enjoy the breakfast before heading out towards Marad once again. After a day’s trek, we will spend the night in a camp at Marad.

After a hearty breakfast in Marad, we will trace our journey back to ‘The Blue’s at Barot’ where you can extend your stay after giving prior information. Alternatively, you could also plan a trip to nearby Bir Billing, famous for monasteries and paragliding.

Included In The Trekking Trail:


Excluded In The Trekking Trail:

  • TIPS
  • GST @5%

Tour Cost Per Person:

INR 9,999/- + 5% . The cost is based on minimum group size.

Fix Departure Dates:

  • Trail No 01: JUNE 14 – 18
  • Trail No 02: JUNE 21 – 25
  • Trail No 03: AUGUST 22 – 26
  • Trail No 04: AUGUST 30 – SEPT 03 (Long Weekend)
  • Trail No 05: SEPETEMBER 12 – 16 (Long Weekend)
  • Trail No 06: SEPETEMBER 19 – 23
  • Trail No 07: SEPETEMBER 28 – OCT 02
  • Trail No 08: OCTOBER 10 – 14
  • Trail No 09: OCTOBER 17 – 21 (Long Weekend)
  • Trail No 10: OCTOBER 24 – 28
  • Trail No 11: NOVEMBER 07 – 11 (Extended Weekend)
  • Trail No 12: NOVEMBER 21 – 25 (Long Weekend)
  • Trail No 13: DECEMBER 21 – 25 (Extended Weekend)


Day one will be spent at The Blue’s @ Barot in a luxurious hideout near Uhl river, where you will share room with fellow trekkers. The stay on all other days will be in all weather trekking tents (3/4 persons). Apart from this, we will also put up toilet tents alongside each camp. Pack light and carry light as there is no provision for coming back to Barot and picking up luggage. Also, do not leave behind any valuables.

Yes, trekkers will be provided high altitude sleeping bags that can withstand temperatures as low as -10 ºC.

Day time temperatures will range from 13 to 18ºC and night time temperature will range from 0 to 7ºC till September. At campsites on higher altitudes, it can be quite cold.

There will be snow from Panhartu (Day 4) while crossing Thamsar Pass and beyond. The amount of snow reduces in June. September has very little snow and October is likely to have snow in the higher reaches if fresh winter snowfall begins.

We will continue on the trail as planned if it starts raining while you’re trekking. Your poncho should be able to protect you from the rain. Protect your belongings by carrying a backpack cover. We normally huddle together in a covered area and play games if it starts raining at the campsite. All the tents (dining, kitchen and toilet) will be water proof so you will stay dry inside.

BRE will arrange pick – up vehicles/shared cabs from BIR. This transport cost is to be borne by the trekkers and will amount to approximately Rs 500 per person (8/9 pax allowed in one cab). You will have to pay the driver directly. The drive to Lohardi, Barot will take around 3 hrs.

The trek ends in Manali. You can explore the town of Manali and plan your onward journey.

September is ideal month. September and October don’t have too much snow but the valley is lush green after the rains and the sky clears up to give great views of the Dhauladhar range.

Sadly no. There are several websites that rent out hiking equipment. BRE does not rent out any such stuff.

Barabhangal trek is a challenging trek. We recommend this to people with prior high altitude trekking experience. Experienced or not, this trek requires high levels of fitness and stamina, and should not be undertaken without thorough preparation.

Sure! You can offload your backpack at Rs 450/- per bag per day, if you inform us in advance. The offloaded bag should not weigh more than 9 kgs. Strollers, duffel bags, suitcases etc. are not allowed.

Nope this trek is meant for seasoned trekkers.

A BRE team comprising a qualified Trek leader, trek guides, porters and cooks will be with you throughout the trek.

The Blue’s @ Barot will have concrete toilets but on other days, toilet tents will be set up along each campsite. There will be 2 to 4 of these toilet tents depending on the size of the group. There will be a deep pit inside the toilet tent to answer nature’s call. Soil and shovel will be used to cover it up. Since these will be dry toilets, you will have to use toilet paper. Don’t worry as this is the most hygienic and convenient way to answer nature’s call in the wilderness.

PS: We recommend using toilet paper and not wet wipes since the latter is not bio-degradable.

BRE uses a well planned menu suitable for high/low altitude treks. Breakfast could have a wide variety ranging from bread-butter/jam, semia, poha to sandwiches and cornflakes. Lunch mainly comprises of roti or puri with sabzi. Dinner is complete with Dal, Sabzi, Rice, Roti and Dessert. Dry snacks like biscuits will also be provided. You may bring dry fruits if necessary.

Our campsites are set up near water sources. Besides, the valley has ample number of streams all around. Two litres of water should be enough for a day’s trek.

You will find mobile network at Lohardi, Barot, Bir, Billing. Majorly, BSNL, JIO, VODAFONE works in most part of the trek except Plachak , Juhardi, Panhartu. There will be electricity charging points at the guest house in Lohardi.

You don’t need special snow shoes. A good trekking shoe is sufficient for the trek. We recommend the Forclaz 500 or 600 from Decathlon. Of these, the Forclaz 600 is more water resistant. When there is snow, we provide micro spikes and gaiters.

Alcohol is dangerous in extreme cold, especially on high altitudes. Contrary to what people believe, alcohol does not make you warmer. Instead it opens your pores making your body colder. Moreover, it dehydrates you very quickly. Hence consumption of alcohol is absolutely prohibited on all BRE treks.

Essentials To Be Carried:

  • Warm clothes for the night, raincoat, pullovers, jacket
  • A towel and an extra change of clothes.
  • A water bottle ( they can be refilled at the campground)
  • Light comfortable clothing for the day
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Flashlight / Torch
  • Balaclava
  • Footwear - Comfortable slippers for your stay at the camp, shoes for nature walks & night trails.  A good pair of trekking shoes and floaters
  • Personal medication
  • An empty bag to store your wet clothes

Camping Activity Stuff:

  • That book you brought a while ago and never got the chance to read
  • Camera
  • Board games, poker sets etc.
  • Sketching/drawing material
  • Outdoor games equipment ( badminton, frisbee, football etc)
  • Binoculars for bird watching
  • Your acoustic musical instrument ( Guitar, flute, bongo etc)
  • Any outdoor gear you brought but never had the chance to actually use!

Camp Discipline:

  • TENT ETIQUETTE (You will be fined for the damage caused by disobeying these rules.)
  • Strictly no footwear and NO eating, drinking, cooking or smoking in the Tent.
  • Don't put any weight on the tent (clothes or anything else) - the tent poles can snap under even a little vertical weight.
  • Pay extra attention to tent zippers - they are quite delicate and they keep the mosquitoes out
  • Please take care of the tent and keep it clean since it is your “room” in the outdoors.
  • Take in the outdoors, but keep wild creatures outside by making sure your tents are zipped up at all times.

General Rules:

  • Silent hours are in effect post 11:00pm. Keep your voice down. Remember sound travels far in open spaces. Please observe silent hours.
  • Please use the nearest trash cans for EVERYTHING.
  • Please ensure that you leave your campsite neat & tidy for the next campers. Ask for garbage bags if you require them!
  • Please point out to the nearest helper if you are unhappy with the toilet cleanliness.
  • Please also follow toilet etiquette since you are not the only persons using the toilets.
  • Please respect others privacy and do not trespass on other people’s sites.
  • Playing music late in the NIGHT at the campground is usually not permissible. Please be mindful of the fellow camper’s experience.
  • DO NOT SMOKE close to any dry grass. This is a fire hazard.
  • Water is Scarce in the mountains, please use it intelligently

Fitness Requirement:

The interested person should be physically fit but more importantly, this voyage requires mental agility. Riding, trekking and driving in high altitude region leaves a toll on one’s body. Anywhere above 8000 ft, the atmospheric pressure falls drastically and as a result, our body requires more oxygen to reach the blood cells. So, one has to work harder to get more oxygen. But the good news is that one gets acclimatized as one gains the altitude. You should carry your personal medication such as Diamox for necessary precaution and faster acclimatization. Do loads of breathing exercises and train your heart and lungs to cope up with the changing altitude.

  • A sum of Rs 2500/- to be paid as booking registration amount.
  • Within two weeks of registration, one has to pay 50 per cent of the trip cost.
  • The rest of the balance has to be paid before the trip commences.
  • Accommodation will be provided in pre decided deluxe 3 star hotels and camps.
  • It must be noted that cheques won’t be accepted.
  • Those not able to visit our office to confirm the booking, can go ahead and deposit the amount in our bank account or transfer the money through net banking.
  • Do make sure to send us a screenshot/scanned copy of the bank slip along with personal details once you are done making the payment.

Cancellation Policy

There will be strictly no Refund on unutilized services of the package.
However in case you do need to cancel your booking owing to any unforeseen circumstances, please do the following:

  • Inform us about the same in writing. Cancellation charges will be effective from the date we receive your written request.
  • The payment made for this trip will not be adjusted towards any future trip(s).
  • The charges of cancellation will be as follows:

More than 45 Days: Full refund (after we deduct any expense that has been incurred for hotel bookings, transport etc.)
Between 30 to 45 Days: 75% of trip cost will be refunded (after we deduct any expense that has been incurred for hotel bookings, transport etc.)
Between 15 to 30 Days: 50% of trip cost will be refunded (after we deduct any expense that has been incurred for hotel bookings, transport etc.)
Less than 15 Days: No refund will be made

Please Note
Requests for written cancellation will be accepted only on working days. Any cancellation sent across on a Sunday or any National Holiday(s), will be taken up on the next official working day.

In case there is any cancellation once the trip takes off, no refunds will be made and any costs incurred due to this cancellation will be borne by you.

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