Jilling Sanctuary: A Review

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Jilling Sanctuary | unexplored places in uttarakhand | India

Jilling Sanctuary, unexplored places in Uttarakhand, brings you the peace and quietude of the Himalayas while also offering five-star accommodations and luxuries. This little resort works as a balm for your soul and health, rejuvenating your body with the fresh Himalayan air, and detoxifying your mind and soul by connecting it to the natural beauty of the surrounding valleys and hills.

Nestled 6000 feet up in the mountains, it’s not an easy task to reach there. After a certain point, your four-wheeler is rendered inefficient and you have to climb up on foot or on ponies sent over by Jilling Sanctuary. However, if you don’t mind the climb, you’ll enjoy threading your way through the farms, dirt roads, and oakwood forests along the way.

The resort has been designed in the aesthetic of a stonework bungalow, which is perfect for a mountain resort as it keeps the interiors warm and pleasant, also making it easier to heat up with a fireplace. In addition to the practical purpose, the stonework with the creepers and dense foliage also offers a natural aesthetic that’s more in keeping with nature all around. There are various annexes and passages along the resort, each leading to different areas such as a common room, a terrace, or a solar heated swimming pool in a glass-enclosed room.

One of the best aspects of residing in Jilling Sanctuary is the view of the Himalayan peaks and mountain ranges in the distance. From one side of the property, you can check out the plains and valleys sloping down the hills. From the other side of the property, you can look out at the icy Himalayan peaks and the Nanda Devi range. Furthermore, you enjoy a clear sightline without any hindrances or distractions.

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The rooms are decorated with all modern conveniences in place, however, they don’t distract from the natural aesthetic of the resort. The rooms bear a warm and natural color palette— as is appropriate for a mountain resort — comprising wooden beams and large glass windows that overlook the valleys.

One of the most welcoming facilities in Jilling Sanctuary is the Conservatory. It’s a glass building that includes a fireplace overlooking a horse chestnut tree, a viewing deck, a library full of volumes on a wide range of subjects, a home theatre, and a dining table. As such, it’s a great place to interact with other resort guests or to simply fetch yourself a book and snuggle up with it before the fireplace. The presence of the Conservatory gives Jilling Sanctuary quite a homely vibe.

For those with an adventurous streak, you can go on little daytime expeditions to explore the neighboring attractions such as the Garjiya Devi Temple, Jhirna Village, and several other famous hill stations in the area.

All things considered, Jilling Sanctuary is exactly what the name suggests — a Sanctuary. It offers shelter, relief, and healing from the woes and struggles of daily life. It envelops you in the arms of nature and soothes your soul so that you can go back to your life more at peace with yourself.

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