Benefits of Traveling off the beaten path

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Benefits of Traveling off the beaten path

When traveling, most people rely on tourist guides such as Lonely Planet to plan out their travel itineraries. They select a list of locations that offer the most stunning views, but ones which are also sought out by thousands of other tourists.

As a result, as beautiful as the chosen destination may be, it’s often corrupted by the spoils of crass consumerism and tourism. The prices for accommodations and goods shoot up considerably and these locations are often thronging with travelers, thus negating any possibility of peace and serenity.

If you’re someone who doesn’t much care for that particular brand of tourism, you might be interested in traveling off the beaten path. Most accommodation listing sites offer an unfiltered list of properties in some of the most touristic spots. However, you can use a directory such as BackRoad Escapes to find accommodations that suit your interest in finding hidden getaways that most people don’t even know about.

You can read below for a brief list of benefits of traveling off the beaten path.

Cheaper Attractions

If you enjoy traveling to engage in activities such as rafting, hiking, snorkeling, etc, you’ll find that the prime tourist attractions are extremely expensive. In addition to that, they’re often also crowded.

However, these activities are also found in various locations that aren’t well known beyond the local region. As such you can find accommodations in remote regions that offer such activities and you can be guaranteed that you’ll be able to enjoy them at a far cheaper price.

Furthermore, several remote accommodations also offer activity discounts that you can avail of to make your travels more economical.

Better Accommodations

Accommodations in prime tourist areas is incredibly expensive even when they’re offering only the basic amenities. However, if you seek out off-the-road locations, you’ll find that your accommodations will come with far more space and amenities for the same price as their more popular counterparts.


There are some people who enjoy being the midst of life and tourism. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, some people enjoy being on their own, amidst nature and finding some peace and quiet.

If you identify with the latter, then you’re definitely an off-the-beaten-path traveler. In these destinations, you don’t need to worry about societal norms, about noise, about making polite conversations with strangers, or any of that. You can find peace in solitude.

Leisurely Pace

When you’re traveling to the touristy destinations, you always have to worry about how crowded a certain place would be. If you’re thinking of going for dinner, you have to worry about beating the crowd to find a place. If you’re going sightseeing, you have to figure out when you can get there in time to avoid the rush hour.

However, when you’re traveling — either solo or with a company — to remote locations, you can take your own time to do things as and when you please. As such, traveling off the beaten path can also be quite leisurely and calming.

Well, these are some of the prime reasons for traveling off the beaten path. You can use BackRoad Escapes as your personal directory of these off-the-road accommodations that can offer you all of these great benefits of this particular brand of travel.

If you have any personal stories of off-the-road travels that you’d like to share, feel free to comment about it down below.

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