Do you ever long to retreat into quiet, peaceful destinations and stays in lands that have been left untrammelled by the spread of mainstream tourism? Do you ever want to find a place that you can call your own, an unchartered territory that only a few people know about? If you’re someone who looks for these quiet hideaway spots, you’re likely disappointed by the general hotel listing sites. The ones that function as little more than registries of the most mainstream hotels.

BackRoad Escapes is all about providing you with an alternative to that idea of travel. We cater to travellers who long to enjoy nature and local cultures and cuisines wherever they go, without having to deal with the creeping fingers of crass consumerism that flourishes in the wake of mainstream tourism. We offer our guests the keys to some of the most amazing stays and offbeat destinations, providing a distinct experience. With an in-depth knowledge of our hand-picked destination and accommodation portfolio, we endeavor to help you plan a truly unique holiday experience.

We believe that research must always trump casual listing. We know that it is most painful to scour through hundreds of websites offering pseudo offbeat travel experiences. At Backroad Escapes we intend to research and bring together most offbeat and unique travel experiences.


Anirudh Singh

Anirudh Singh has been many things over the course of his life. He has been an aspiring sportsman, a restauranteur, a graphic designer, and an entrepreneur. However, through all of those various lives that he has led, there has always been one constant — his love of nature and travel. It has been his greatest passion, and it has been his tether to life and happiness. His love of adventure and travel has taken him to some of the most remote and isolated little pieces of paradise both within India and abroad. Now, he has channeled all of his life’s worth of entrepreneurial skills and experience into bringing his love of travel to the world at large. And that’s why he has founded BackRoad Escapes to help other private wanderers find their own little slice of paradise.

Nikhil Sood

Nikhil Sood has over 18 years of experience in the Media and Tourism industry. Over that period, he has worked in a number of different capacities for a wide range of resorts and retreats. His passion for navigating the roads-less-traveled in search of anything rare and remote gives BackRoad Escapes the required dimension, to catalog those unique places and accommodations that truly live up to their mark and deserve to be featured on BackRoad Escapes. With his expertise, you can rest assured that we’ll only be recommending the very best experiences for you.

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